Chocolate Spiders - The Funnel-Web


This recipe is another spin off of the normal Chocolate Spider recipe. After I made the Whitetail version I thought I should expand to include some other well known Australian spiders. The Funnel-web choccy spiders contain Nutella, hazelnuts and milk, dark & white chocolate. 



100 g Fried Noodles

(your choice whether you use homemade gluten free ones

200 g Nutella

100 g Dark chocolate

100 g Milk chocolate

100 g Hazelnuts (finely chopped)

White chocolate for stripes



Line a tray (that will fit into your fridge) with baking paper. You may need a second tray depending on the size of your spiders. 

Finely chop the hazelnuts.

Melt the milk chocolate, dark chocolate and Nutella together.

Stir in the fried noodles & chopped hazelnuts.

Wait approximately 5 minutes for the chocolate to thicken a little.

Melt the white chocolate while the chocolate & noodle mix is thickening. Put it into a little piping bag - I usually use a little plastic bag & cut one of the corners off just before I want to pipe the stripes on.  

Use a spoon (teaspoon for baby funnel-webs, dessert spoon for big daddies) to transfer some of the mix onto the tray. Repeat until all mix is transferred. 

Pipe thin stripes over the spooned mixture.  

Transfer tray to fridge until they are set. 

Store the spiders in an air tight container in the fridge. 

Simply enjoy!