Chocolate Spiders - The Whitetail


One of three remaining after my family found the stash

This recipe is a spin off of the normal Chocolate Spider recipe after I made some with Lindt salted caramel chocolate (not gluten free) and I thought I could swap the peanuts for some roasted almonds. These are my family's favourite Chocolate Spiders - image my horror when I came home from work and they had eaten all but 3 of them and I hadn't taken any photos. If you love almonds you will definitely need to hide these spiders away. 



100 g Fried Noodles

(your choice whether you use homemade gluten free ones

125 g Almond butter

200 g Milk chocolate

50 g Toffee pieces (smashed)

25 g Almonds (slivered & roasted)

Roasted whole blanched almonds for the 'whitetail'


Almond butter - I made my own using a Thermomix (100 g of roasted almonds, 20 g of oil, a pinch of salt and sugar).

Toffee - I made my own and took it off the heat when it had started to turn golden. 




Line a tray (that will fit into your fridge) with baking paper. You may need a second tray depending on the size of your spiders. 

Melt the chocolate and almond butter together.

Stir in the fried noodles, smashed toffee pieces and slivered almonds.

Wait approximately 5 minutes for the chocolate to thicken a little. 

Use a spoon to transfer some of the mix onto the tray. Repeat until all mix is transferred. 

Top the chocolate blobs with a roasted almond. 

Transfer tray to fridge until they are set. 

Store the spiders in an air tight container in the fridge.

Simply enjoy!