Hot Cross Bun photo page


Have you landed on a page with a photo of hot cross buns (below) and nothing else?

It appears to be a default of some sort.

Admittedly they are sensational gluten free hot cross buns but probably not what you were searching for. 

You may ask "Why is this happening?

In a nutshell (or a pastry shell, as it seems appropriate);

The outdated, clunky & non-responsive old website needed updating.


I found a website template that I liked (the current one)


it ran on the same content management system.





the version on the old site was so many versions ago that the new version didn't recognise it. 

It was probably similar to someone doing their accounts using an abacus and expecting to upgrade easily to using MYOB (or some other accounting package).

A little bit of my old website was updated to the new one. 

Unfortunately only the recipes or information articles starting with A & B (& some C) made it to the new site.

All other recipes needed to be transferred individually (and their photos).

It essentially took me 9 months to transfer everything across (I work 4 days/week for another food manufacturer). 

While I was transferring the files across I thought it would be a great idea to rearrange the recipes into something with a bit of order.

For example, instead of 60 gluten free bread recipes I have made the following bread sub-categories


Baking bread with BM flour


Cob loaves



Sweet breads

Tinned loaves

Yeasted pastries


  When I put the recipes into the new categories I changed the URL (the specific page address) of each recipe.

Furthermore I also changed the ID number (it usually appears in the URL). 

I'm really happy with how the new website looks (and there will be more additions) and the sub-categories for the recipes.

Unfortunately a Google search will try to take you to the old URL or the old ID number of one of my recipes. 

For example if you Google 'gluten free Vanilla Slice'

you'll end up on the Extremely Twisted savoury biscuit recipe. 

I can imagine that you would be extremely disappointed 

- and so am I. 

Instead of being disappointed have a look through the website.

Go to the Home page

or click on the All Recipes tab on the side menu bar

for access to scrumdillyumptious gluten free recipes.