A Changing Website

Websites tend to change as businesses grow or change direction or technology allows better information flow and ways of providing that information. When I started Decadent Alternatives the website focussed on the biscuits we manufactured, what they tasted like, looked like and where you could purchase them. It was a very simple website.

Fast forward a couple of years.........past the time when Decadent Alternatives ceased manufacturing and the time I had been informed that I had approximately 18 months to live...........and my focus for Decadent Alternatives website had changed considerably. Quite simply I didn't want my knowledge of gluten free baking to be lost (nor did I want to die and am very, very, very thankful to the anonymous stem cell donor in the U.S.A who helped to get me into remission). Consequently the first upgrade to the site I planned was to create an information based website with recipes using different gluten free flours. As I really don't like websites with ads I had hoped to fund my ingredient purchases for recipe development through paid subscription to the website. 

The website certainly started being solely information based however there were 2 things that became obvious after awhile. Firstly, how can people find the information through a web search if the information is subscriber only. Secondly, Springhill Farm were receiving calls from customers that used Bakers' Magic gluten free flour (then the Real Bread Mix) and they wanted to know if there was a scone recipe or a pizza recipe or a yeast free bun recipe etc. etc. etc. that used the flour. It made sense that as I was developing these recipes I'd put them on my website. It's not surprising then that most of the recipes that I added to the website used Bakers' Magic gluten free flour and most of the information articles also used the flour. A natural progression was moving the online sale of Bakers' Magic gluten free flour to a website that contained the recipes that use that flour.

Essentially the focus of my website had changed considerably. When my online shop disappeared (because the website was an old version) it prompted me to update and rearrange the entire website. This upgraded website contains freely available information articles, all types of gluten free baking recipes, online shop (flour and baking classes), gluten free baking tips AND the website is responsive to your device (no more missing ingredients if you view it on a phone). I'm crossing my pinkies that this new website will be helpful for years to come.

I am still alive and able to bake up a gluten free storm because of a wonderful anonymous donor who provided life saving stem cells. Without that donor, no matter how excellent modern medicine is, I would not be here. The donor decided to go through the process of stem cell harvesting without asking for anything in return. I would like to pay that forward.

Hopefully you will find the contents of this website helpful as you embrace a gluten free lifestyle or bake for loved ones who are on a gluten free diet. I ask you to respect the information, knowledge and recipes I freely provide. If you are using recipes for your own website please acknowledge the source. 

If you really like this website.......

Pay it Forward :)