Magic Chocolate Topping

I call it Magic Chocolate Topping not because it sets hard when poured over ice-cream but because it is so versatile. Of course pouring over ice-cream may be number 1 for some but it can be used between layers in a cake - it will be softer than normal chocolate, for sandwiching two biscuits together - there is no water in it so the biscuits can stay crunchy, as a topping on slices - it makes it easier to cut the slice. The best thing it is very easy to make. MAGIC!



Chocolate (your choice)


The actual amount of chocolate & oil you will use will depend on what you will be doing with it.


Ice-cream topping - 75% chocolate & 25% oil

As a topping for ice-cream I tend to only make enough for one serving for the family (it will also depend on your idea of a serving size). For example I might use 75 g of good quality chocolate & then I will put in 25 g of oil. If you want to flavour the chocolate topping a small amount of a flavoured oil can be added (orange oil, mint oil).

The amount of oil you put in doesn't have to be exact. If you want a harder topping for your ice-cream add less oil.

Between cake layers - 75 to 80% chocolate & 25 to 20% oil 

The percentage of chocolate will depend on whether the cake will be served at room temperature or as a cold dessert. If it will be served as a cold dessert more oil will be needed as would a soft chocolate layer.

Sandwiching biscuits together - 80 to 85% chocolate & 20 to 15% oil

If you want to sandwich biscuits together start with ~ 20% oil. The amount of chocolate & oil will depend on the temperature they will be served & whether you want a soft center (more oil) or a harder center (more chocolate).

Slice Topping - 90 to 95% chocolate & 10 to 5% oil

If the slice will be stored in the fridge ~10% oil can be used. There are no hard fast rules & it will depend what you want the texture of the topping to be. If a recipe says to melt the butter & chocolate together I will substitute in oil. 


If using couverture chocolate follow melting instructions on the product package.


Put chocolate & oil into a microwaveable bowl. Microwave for short bursts on a low setting, stirring in between bursts. The actual time to melt the chocolate will depend on the amount of chocolate you use & your microwave oven. 

On Stove

Put chocolate & oil in a metal bowl over a saucepan of hot water. Use a low heat to keep the water hot but not boiling. Ensure no water or steam gets into the chocolate/oil mix. Gently stir the chocolate & oil until all chocolate has melted.