Speckled Choc Orange Cake



This cake is Michelle's Orange Cake with a titch of grated chocolate folded through. The cake can be iced with Orange icing (as shown) or with a dark chocolate ganache for that extra chocolate hit. 

This recipe was designed specifically to be made with Bakers' Magic gluten free flour. The finished baked product will not be the same if you use another gluten free flour and you will need to adjust the recipe, particularly if the flour you're using contains rice flour.



1 Navel orange (sized between 220 g to 280 g)

200 g Bakers' Magic Gluten free flour

35 g Potato starch

1/4 tsp Salt

1 tsp Baking powder

1/2 tsp Bicarb of soda

225 g Caster sugar

200 g Butter

3 Eggs

50 g Grated dark chocolate


Oranges - The size of the orange determines, in part, the moistness of the cake and how much the cake rises. Bigger oranges = more flavour + moister + the cakes don't rise as much. Use oranges that have a good flavour. Sometimes the cake will be a bit bitter, the bitterness will depend on the thickness of the rind. If the cake is too bitter or the oranges you are using have a thick skin use the zest & the flesh of the orange (250 g).  

Maize starch = Cornflour from maize/corn and potato starch is sometimes labelled as potato flour. For more information go to Maize starch vs Cornflour. 


Orange Icing*

250 g Icing sugar

Zest of an orange

40 g Orange juice

100 g Butter

Extra grated chocolate


* If you would prefer more chocolate ice the cake with a chocolate ganache (300g dark chocolate with 160 g cream) instead.  


Turn the oven on to 170 C.

Grease a cake ring tin.

Put a block of dark chocolate in the freezer.


Melt butter for 2 mins at 60 C speed 4.

Add in chopped orange & blend for 45 sec at speed 6.

Add the eggs & sugar to the TM bowl & mix for 20 secs speed 5.

Add in the Bakers' Magic Gluten free flour, potato starch, salt, bicarb & baking powder & mix for 30 secs speed 6.

Food Processor

Mix together the Bakers' Magic Gluten free flour, potato starch, salt, bicarb & baking powder.

Cut up the orange & put it in the bowl of the food processor. Process until you have a fine mush.

Melt the butter & pour it in while the processor is still on.

Add in the remaining ingredients (apart from the chocolate) & process until the batter is uniform.


Let the cake batter sit for ~5 mins to thicken.

Bring the chocolate out of the freezer & grate a bit more than 50 g.

Stir the chocolate into the cake batter.  

Spoon batter into the ring tin & bake for ~30 - 35 mins. The time will depend on the size of the orange & your oven.

Bring out of the oven & wait 5 mins before turning out the cake on to a serving plate.

Allow the cake to cool before putting on the icing. 

Prepare the icing by whizzing all the ingredients together in a food processor. 

Ice the cake & sprinkle the extra grated chocolate over the top. 

Simply enjoy!