Decadent Protein Balls


These are not your average protein ball, I tell myself the chocolate coating helps with storing them & has nothing to do with making them decadent. 

I find that these are wonderful little snacks when I'm trying to be good diet wise & just want something a little sweet. 

Dry ingredients  

25 g Chia seeds

50 g Pepitas

30 g Inca inchi protein powder (Go Vita) - is 60% protein & tastes a little like peanuts

50 g Vanilla flavoured whey protein (Go Vita) - is 87% protein

40 g Pea protein (Go Vita) - is ~ 80% protein

10 g Cocoa powder - is 22% protein

2 tsp Psyllium husk 

15 g Monk fruit sweetener (Woolworths)

10 g Brown sugar


If you can't get Inca inchi powder substitute in powdered Peanut butter (Woolworths), it is 50% protein.

 Variations - I've added in powdered coffee, flaked almonds & changed the amount of cocoa.  

Wet ingredients 

250 g Crunchy peanut butter - it helps to bind it all together

Optional - Vanilla bean paste for a bit extra flavour



Chocolate of your choice

I've used milk, dark and a combination of caramel milk chocolate



Blitz/process the dry ingredient mix in a food processor. How fine a mix will be up to you - process for longer if you want a smooth protein ball.

Mix in the peanut butter (& vanilla bean paste). Taste the mixture & adjust the flavourings if necessary. 

Put the mixture in the fridge for approximately 30 min.

Line a tray with non-stick paper. 

Roll out approximately 20 g of the protein ball mix into balls. Repeat until all mix is left. 

Melt chocolate for coating. I usually microwave the chocolate in a zip lock bag - I find it contains the chocolate mess better than melting it in a bowl. 

Spear one of the protein balls with a toothpick or use other chocolate handling equipment. 

Dunk the protein ball in the molten chocolate.  


Let excess chocolate drip back into the bag/bowl.

Transfer coated protein ball to the lined tray. 

Repeat with an un-coated ball until all protein balls are coated in chocolate.


Variation - Mocha flavoured protein ball with an indulgent caramel chocolate coating. 


Store in an airtight container.

Simply enjoy!