Gluten Free Chocolate Ripple Cake


Chocolate Ripple Cake is a quick & easy Australian dessert. Dunk biscuits in a bit of flavourful liquid sandwich them together with whipped cream, cover with more whipped cream & voila - cake. I have yet to go to an end of year or end of sporting season gathering where people bring along a dessert to share where there is no Chocolate Ripple Cake. They may be different flavours, different colours or an adult only version but they are present and usually nearby is a pav & strawberry jelly slice. 

The hardest part in making a Chocolate Ripple Cake is deciding what flavour it's going to be! After posting the question "What flavour?" on Facebook I decided on a coffee based cake. 


At least 21 GF Chocolate Ripple Biscuits

The Cream

600 ml Thickened cream

20 g Caster sugar

20 g Coffee/alcohol

10 g Vanilla bean paste

The Coffee liqueur

50 ml/g Strong espresso coffee

75 g Coffee liqueur

I used Kiss of Fire Coffee Butterscotch


GF Chocolate Ripple biscuits - One batch of the recipe will make over 500 g of bikkies, this is ~equivalent to 2 packets of Arnott's Chocolate Ripple biscuits. The number of bikkies used in the cake will depend on; how big or small you want it to be, the shape, whether you stack them across or up and how many you use for each stack (e.g. a single end on end in the shape of a nine or a 9 x 3 single storey stack to make a 'square' cake). Adjust the amount of cream in the recipe depending on the number of bikkies used. 

The cake above was a 7 across by 3 down (however I can only count 6 in the photo).  


Make some strong espresso coffee & let it cool before adding the liqueur.

Put the cream, sugar, vanilla & coffee/liqueur into a mix bowl & whip until soft peaks form. Don't over whip.

Spread a little cream on a serving plate to help keep the bikkies in place. 

Transfer some of the coffee/liqueur mix to a saucer to make it easier to dunk one side of the gf chocolate ripple bikkie.

Dunk one side of a bikkie in the coffee/liqueur & stand it on the cream on the serving plate. Put something else on the other side of the bikkie to help it stay upright until there are more bikkies in the stack. 

Dunk another bikkie, put a good dollop of cream on top & sandwich it with the other one on the serving plate. Repeat.

Cover the entire bikkie construction with cream & refrigerate for at least 6 hours (preferably overnight). 

Top with shaved chocolate, roasted almonds etc. 

Simply enjoy!