Snickers Protein Shake


My daughter loves to swim, she swims competitively and trains most days (morning or evening). Last year she started working part time for a vet clinic (10 hour shifts) and was looking for something for breakfast that she could eat/drink 'on the run' after finishing training. After a few trials including protein balls, yoghurt & cereal mix and different protein shakes she decided that having a 'Snickers' protein shake was the best breakfast option. 

Snickers is a trademark of Mars, Incorporated, the chocolate bar consists of nougat topped with caramel and peanuts.


Ingredients (where I purchased the product)

80 g Powdered Peanut butter (Woolworths) - is 50% protein

80 g Inca inchi protein powder (Go Vita) - is 60% protein & tastes a little like peanuts

90 g Vanilla flavoured whey protein (Go Vita) - is 87% protein

45 g Cocoa powder - is 22% protein

40 g Psyllium husk (Woolworths)

40 g Monk fruit sweetener (Woolworths)

20 g Sugar


Skim milk



Dry Protein Powder

Blend the dry ingredients together.

Transfer to a clean dry container. 

Protein Shake

Thoroughly mix together the protein powder with skim milk at a rate of 15 g protein powder per 100 g of milk. For example add 30 g of protein powder with 200 g of milk.